Micro B3 Industry expert workshop

Harvesting Environmental Genomes for the Development of Biocatalysts

Micro B3 -  MetaExplore - Industry Expert Workshop

Groningen, 14 - 15 October, 2013

The enormous microbial biodiversity of marine environments and soils offers an almost unlimited resource of enzymes and bioactive compounds.  The possibilities to explore this for use in industry and medicine are rapidly increasing due to the development of innovative tools in (meta)genomics, bioinformatics, and high-throughput analysis.

This Industry Expert Workshop brings together academic and industrial scientists with the aim to exchange current approaches in the discovery and engineering of new enzymes for use in biocatalysis, synthetic biology and biomass processing. Opportunities and challenges of new tools for understanding complex genome data and for the discovery of new enzymes and bioactive compounds by high-throughput methods will be discussed.


Further Information

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Dick Janssen, University of Groningen, d.b.janssen@rug.nl (chair, MicroB3)

Dick van Elsas, Univ. of Groningen (Metaexplore)

Frank Oliver Glöckner, MPI Bremen (MicroB3)

Johanna Wesnigk (MicroB3)

Dietmar Pieper, HCIR, Braunschweig (MagicPAH)

Marco Fraaije, Groningen (Oxygreen)

Sandra Haan and Tamara Hummel, Univ. of Groningen (local organisation, secbc@rug.nl, 0031-50-3634209)





Monday, October 14, 2013 to Tuesday, October 15, 2013
University of Groningen, The Netherlands
Harvesting environmental genomes for the development of biocatalysts