Public Deliverables

Deliverable Title Released


Signed Consortium Agreement March 2012
1.3 Detailed Consortium Plan for the first 2 years August 2012
1.9 Final report, exploitation and dissemination report and joint publications February 2016
1.10 OSD and MyOSD 2015 December 2015
2.1 A questionnaire for collection of information on suitable marine sites January 2013
2.3 Report of the possible content of the OSD call including a first version of the Micro B3 data policy October 2013
2.5 Final call for sampling sites June 2013
2.6 Selected sites to receive OSD support April 2014
2.7 Report at mid-term meeting May 2014
2.8 Ocean Sampling Day Event January 2015
2.10 Final registry completed and made public through the Micro B3 Catalogue July 2015
3.2 Plan for supporting data management for Tara-Oceans cruise October 2012
3.44 Selection and definition of geographical pilot areas for Micro B3 cases May 2015
3.5 Portal, supporting OGC and ISO standards, bundling the selected oceanographic services for Micro B3 July 2014
3.6 Delivering dedicated data sets for Micro B3 through the oceanographic services October 2015
3.7 Tara-Oceans data included in the oceanographic data infrastructure December 2014
4.1 Use case workshop e-conference report October 2012
4.2 Best practices workshop and e-conference report October 2012
4.3 Ocean Sampling Day Handbook June 2013
4.4 Finalised interoperability structures December 2013
4.5 Software to support adoption and use of standards when sampling December 2014
4.6 Approved concepts and software transferred for long-term maintenance December 2014
4.7 Software to simplify and accelerate data flow from sampling groups towards ENA December 2015
5.5 Data structures and retrieval services for georeference- and sample variable-oriented ENA data access December 2012
5.6 Report on interoperability with third party resources December 2012
5.8 Report describing processing pipelines and associated software December 2013
5.88 Processing pipelines and associated software – Protists annotation pipeline January 2015
5.9 Ecological Analysis Tool for Microbial Ecology (EATME) February 2014
5.10 Micro B3 Information System Database Documentation July 2014
5.11 Community Service Documentation December 2015
5.12 Community Annotation Module Documentation December 2015
5.13 Complete MB3-IS Documentation February 2016
6.1 Re-annotation of reference viral and giral genomes January 2013
6.2 A viral/giral taxonomic annotation for two metagenomic data sets December 2013
6.6 Genomes from single cells July 2015
6.8 Description of Community Structure and Composition in its Environmental Context January 2014
7.5 Novel or improved expression and screening systems (both vectors and hosts) July 2014
8.1 Report on literature review for pre-competitive access to microbial materials January 2013
8.2 Report on literature review for pre-competitive access to large-scale microbial genomic databases January 2013
8.3 Report on the model agreements for pre‐competitive access to microbial research materials August 2012
8.4 Report on the IP model agreements for pre-competitive access to microbial genomic research databases December 2013
8.5 Multi-stakeholder expert workshop for validating the IP model agreements for pre-competitive access December 2014
8.6 Report on best practices industry-university models for collaborative management of IP rights in blue biotechnology September 2014
8.7 Dissemination: policy brief on innovative IP models September 2015
9.3 Website with public, policy, and scientific information sections July 2012
9.4 First set of factsheets December 2012
9.5 Report on all KT and TT Workshops Held until Mid‐Term January 2014
9.6 Report on Training Pipeline and Courses Held until Mid‐Term December 2013
9.7 Modular film on Micro B3 elements for awareness April 2015
9.8 Report on final course/jamboree including OSD participants May 2015
9.10 Final overall report on bioinformatic training pipeline and on the final conference (high resolution version available upon request) December 2015

Last updated: January 2016

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