Micro B3 Banners

The second Micro B3 Banner has arrived!

The second Micro B3 Banner on Biodiversity was shown for the first time at the EEB meeting in Bremen, May 6-8 2013. Both banners, on Bioinformatics and on Biodiversity are available for presentation at your next event. They are 2 m high and 80 cm wide. Please contact us at www.microb3.eu/contact to arrange shipping.

The Banners were designed by:
Saskia Wesnigk, EMPA Brighton and Chris Boseley, Senior Graphic Designer, www.SussexSigns.com, based on ideas by Chris Bowler, Johanna Wesnigk, Frank Oliver Glöckner, with input from Josep Gasol, Renzo Kottmann and others.
We would like to thank all who shared their photographs with us: