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  • Joining research forces to meet challenges in ocean management

    The aim of this brochure is to present the 19 projects that have been selected under 'The ocean of tomorrow' initiative (2010, 2011, 2012). 'The ocean of tomorrow' calls fall within the activities launched under FP7 to implement the European strategy for marine and maritime research COM(2008) 534 and to address marine sciences and technologies as a challenge that cut across themes. The initiative aims to foster multidisciplinary approaches and cross-fertilisation between various scientific disciplines and economic sectors on key cross-cutting marine and maritime challenges.

    Download the full Brochure (PDF 2,8 Mb)

    Download the Micro B3 Article (PDF 196 Kb)


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  • All banners, on Bioinformatics, Biodiversity and Biotechnology are available for your next Micro B3-related event. They are mounted within a roll-up mechanism and thus can be displayed whereever you like to place them. Please let us know at if you want to display one or more of them, so we can arrange shipping to you. They come in a protective shell of  approx. 90 length and 20 cm diameter and weigh 3 kg. The size when mounted is 2 m high and 80 cm wide.

    There will be a fourth and final banner for the OSD 2014 with ideas from the lead members of WP 2.

    You are also invited to print off the banners in any format that suits you and use it for flyers or posters. If you need higher resolution files, please contact us so we can give you access to them via a Dropbox.

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